My love and affinity for garden design began as a young girl.  Being born in Santa Barbara and growing up in Southern Oregon, I was always surrounded by the beauty in nature.   My brother, a creative visionary, taught me the importance of balance and scale from a very young age.  With his artistic influence, I began to look at space in nature in a different way.  My intrigue and passion for design ultimately lead me to pursue the study of horticulture and architecture.  Upon returning to California, the knowledge I gained enabled me to push  my design concepts, to take outdoor space and create something uniquely beautiful . With my twenty years of experience, I approach each project with a hands-on commitment and attention to detail from start to finish.  My designs are motivated by my goal to take creative, innovative and unique concepts and marry them with the personal tastes and lifestyles of my clients.  Ultimately, my outdoor design should not only reflect the individual, but also offer a place of serenity in a chaotic world.  What a gift to have that lying at your own front door.

I have a personal affection for European style gardens.  Their structure has a beautiful simplicity that is timeless.  The design can be as formal or unconstrained as you wish as you add your own personal touch in the creation process.  A garden should be inviting and allow you to enjoy all that it has to offer.  My garden creations cover a wide range of focal points, from relaxing vignettes to outdoor entertainment rooms.  In addition to the landscape, I design pools, spas, water features, fireplaces and interactive spaces for activities.  Whether your preferred aesthetic is Traditional, English Cottage, French, Cape Cod, Tropical, Balinese, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Whimsical, Drought -Tolerant or Organic, I look forward to working with you to create the environment you most want to spend time in.

Danna Callahan



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  1. Your work is absolutely stunning and beautiful. Each garden or sanctuary you create has a wonderful sense of intimacy with it’s surroundings while remaining elegant and uncluttered. A master at work.

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