Beacon Bay – Newport Beach

This clean and lovely Cape Cod remodel needed space for outdoor entertaining, with a front door entree. This cozy family neighborhood, gathers in the grassy, strada area to play football and other activities. An outdoor patio room was created, with barbecue, dining area and fire pit softened by the new garden. The intent was to add to the home without taking away from the charm and traditions of the neighborhood. The configuration of the patio was constructed to provide, extra seating for the fire pit area as well as large gatherings. Copper gutters, stone placed on the house as well as up the front walk and patio, gives it a warm, inviting feel. The garden that was installed was in keeping with the style of the home with low maintainability. The furniture I chose was to add to the comfort and ease of this charming home, in this “old guard” Newport Beach community.

-Danna Callahan



One Response to Beacon Bay – Newport Beach

  1. Oscar says:

    Great post, congratulations, very informative and gives me start point to rethink some ideas. thanks a lot.

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